• About us

  • ATA Japan is a country sector of Advanced Texties Association(ATA).

    Established in 1994, the membership consists of Japan-based ATA (former IFAI) members and companies who are interested in the Japanese market.
    The objective of ATA Japan shall include the followings:

    ●To serve its membership by facilitating the development, application, and promotion of products manufactured by the technical fabrics industry, and to enhance the interests and benefits of the membership.
    ●To create a forum for manufacturers and users of industrial fabrics to discuss matters of common interest and create solutions for those matters.
    ●To provide educational programs and training that will further enhance ATA Japan members' ability to compete in the global marketplace.
    ●To provide an international network of industry peers, an international forum for discussion and a chance to shape the global future of the industry.

  • Conferences and Educational programs

  • To offer extensive networking and learning opportunities, ATA Japan holds the following programs:

    ●Annual meeting in Japan
    ●Seminars, Workshops and networking events in Japan
    ●Several programs at IFAI Expo
    ●Product Showcase in Japan
    ●New Year Meeting in Japan
    ●Board Meetings

  • Projects, and activities

  • Listed below are some of the projects and activities of ATA Japan.

    ●Newsletter (in Japanese language)
    ●ATA Japan web site in Japanese
    ●Various language supports to its membership
     ・Translation of ATA magazine articles
     ・Other translation/interpretation service
     ・Technical terms English/Japanese had book publication
    ●Information on Japanese market to membership and to ATA publications
    ●Brochure publication for members
    ●"Double the Membership campaign"
    ●"Membership confirmation campaign"

  • Leadership

  • ●Chairman: Toshio Katayama (Daiichihanpu Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan)
    ●Vice Chairman:Hideyuki Nishikawa (Sankei Corporation, Osaka, Japan)
    ●Vice Chairman: Hirotoshi Kuwada (Kuwata Tent Co., Ltd., Fukui, Japan)
    ●Director: Riku Goto (Goto Industries Co., Ltd., Saitama, Japan)
    ●Director: Junko Takai (Hivix Co., Ltd., Mizuho, Gifu, Japan) Director: Shoko Nomura (Saitama Tsusho Ltd.)
    ●Director: Eddie Nohmura (Taiyo Kogyo, Tokyo, Japan)
    ●Councilor: Nobuo Takeuchi (Yano Tent Co., Ltd. Osaka, Japan)
    ●Honorary Chairman : Motonobu Nohmura
    ●Executive Director : Kikuko Tagawa (ATA Japan, Hyogo, Japan)

  • Contact us at

  • Kikuko Tagawa, Executive Director, ATA Japan
    Tel : +81-72-780-2803
    Fax : +81-72-772-7376
    E-mail : atajapan@textiles.org